I'd lile to point out that i didn't play the original NES Legend of Zelda game before, and i wouldn't do it after what happened. Not that game anyways.

Also, i need to say that the game didn't cause me or one of my family members to die, or commit suicide, ro anything like that. It was something i wasn't expecting. It was just.. unexpected

and was unsettling to me. Also, there was no blood, no gore, only weirdness.

And just a note: I have Breath of the wild on the WiiU, so i know some of the story and the main characters of the game series.

The Story:Edit

In 2017.01.10, It was my birthday. I got the new, remade version of an NES, sent to me by my mom. She bougth it on the internet. 

So, as any nintendo fan would do, i started it up immidiately, and when i did, i found myself seeing the screen, showing me the menu, but with only 1 game.

The original Legend of Zelda game on NES. I thought the machine was misfuncioning, so i restarted it, and it was the same as before.

I tried again and again, but it was the same.I texted my mom about it, and she said, she didn't have any problems when she tested it out, because she lives in Germany, and i live in Hungary. 

After the chatting, i started the game up, and the title screen only said: "Zelda"in the middle, on a black screen, with the "system" font. Under it, an other text said: "press any button to start!"

with the same font. So, i pressed start, and the game started, but it was a bit... weird. I was put into a road, and the only way i was able to go was forward.

So, i went along the road, and the next "room" had the same thing, but at the end of it, was a black doorway. I went in, and in the room, there was a sword, i suppose the master sword, in a fully black place.

I didn't know much about the game, but i felt like this was a trap or something by an enemy, but considering that picking the sword up was the only option, i picked it up. Just after a second i picked it up, the screen scrolled up, 

then faded to black. after like 5 seconds of waiting, a text started to appear, like someone was talking in the game, saying something to Link. It said: "This sword won't help you any longer."

After that, the screen faded to another room, and i was able to move again, and i did have the sword, but it showed a broken sword in the hud. After some seconds, Link moved up my his own, going through 10 

same looking rooms, decaying more and more, and at the 11th room, Link stopped. The door disappeared behind Link as soon as he entered the room. This is when i found it weird and i was a bit unsettled, since i never

heard of this by anyone. Suddenly, Link turned to me, and was turning to the left and the right repeatedly. Then the screen turned to black again, and suddenly, the game turned off, with the console too. 

I restarted it, and the game cover was missing. I was thinking about starting the game up at this point, but i  started it, and when the game started, the title changed. It now said: "missing Link"

I pressed the start button, and instead of the game starting, it faded to black, then it typed out: "you don't get it. He's miserable. He must be lost forever"

The following text creeped me out a little, but i wanted to figure out what was going on. After that text said before, It typed out another line of dialouge.

It said: "If you wish to follow the false hero, i will put you where he is at this moment." Then the screen faded to black ,then to a room without any doors, and in the middle, was link, but i wasn't able to control him.

After that, the screen was typing out something again. It said: "Are you happy now? Are you satisfied? YOU put him into misery. without any help, he is not a hero. He is not worth obeying. His sword won't help him now. Neither will you."

After that, the game crashed the same way,so did the console.I restarted it and everything was fine. All the games were there, no missing covers, no missing games, and i started The Legend of Zelda again, and it seemed like it worked fine.

I texted my mom about what just happened, and she was confused, but didn't worry about it much, since she didn't know anything about the game. She told me though that she checked the place she bought the console from, and the person's nickname

who was selling it, had no name at all. She checked out if he or she selled anything else, but there was nothing, and after seconds, the console was removed from the site as well. After more seconds, the profile was removed.

I was creeped out a bit, and after all of this, we put the console on sale, and someone actualyl did buy it. I didn't have to worry about it anymore. 

I belive that the game was trying to tell me that without the Hylian shield and the Master sword, Link is useless, and can't save the world. This still is confusing, but i'm happy i don't have to worry about it anymore.

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